An investment in knowledge
pays the best interest.
- Benjamin Franklin -

Philip E. Morgaman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Morgaman directs the operations of the organization. He is responsible for school relationships, staff and the general operation of the organization within the United States. He is a native of Florida who has been married for over 30 years and is the father of three adult children. An Attorney at Law specializing in corporate finance and transactional law by profession, he has been a successful serial entrepreneur since 1984.

Directly relevant to this project, In 1995 Mr. Morgaman and his investment trusts acquired the North Broward School and Lighthouse Point Academy in South Florida and became the school’s President. During period from 1995-2005, Mr. Morgaman and his executive team developed this from a small, average-quality school of approximately 200 students in grades K-8, 35 staff, and gross revenues of less than $2mm into a high-quality K-12 college preparatory school, sending its graduates to the finest US universities with over 2000 students, 380 staff and gross revenues in excess of $36mm operating on three campuses. In 2005, with substantial private equity investment, Mr. Morgaman founded a company for the purpose of developing an international group of high-end college preparatory schools. Serving as the company’s founder and original Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and largest non-institutional shareholder from 2005-2009, Mr. Morgaman built and oversaw the executive team that developed the company from a concept to a group that included 19 campuses, 10 schools (including 5 boarding schools) in Switzerland, the United States and Mexico with over 13,000 students, 3500 staff and gross revenues of $200mm. Mr. Morgaman sold his interests in the Company in 2009 to assist his financial services holdings after challenges caused by the economic meltdown of 2008.

Claus Fessler, Director of International Admissions

Mr. Fessler is responsible for the organization’s international recruitment effort. He develops and maintains USA’s network of agents and placement companies as well as being responsible for the organization’s marketing program generally. Mr. Fessler is a German citizen who has engaged in business and non-profit operations in Europe, the United States, South America and Russia. He founded and operated and sold a trade publishing company in Germany and has since concentrated on his investments and charitable endeavors. Mr. Fessler has been married for 25 years and is the father of three children.

Justin D. Morgaman, Executive Director

Mr. Morgaman is responsible for the day to day supervision of the administrative aspects of the organization’s operations. He concurrently serves as Executive Vice President of Gulf Coast Transportation, Inc., a large for hire private passenger for hire ground transportation provider in the Tampa Bay area. Married and with one child, Mr. Morgaman received his Bachelors of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Irina Gokun, Finance Director

Ms. Gokun is responsible for generation of financial statements, maintenance of accounts receivables and payables and billing. She holds an M.B.A in Accounting and finance and her prior experience includes 17 years as an operational accountant and later Assistant Controller of manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies.

Dane G. Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer

Mr. Taylor oversees new school identification, negotiation and implementation and in that capacity is responsible for being the coordinator for new school development. Additionally, he is responsible for public relations for the company and assists in USA’s web based and social marketing. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a specialization in multi-media journalism and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Florida Atlantic University.

Stella Su, Associate Director of International Admissions

Ms. Su assists Mr. Fessler in coordinating international admissions and recruitment of students for USA’s partner schools. She also coordinates international social media for USA. A Chinese national who grew up in Singapore, Ms. Su graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Political Science and subsequently served in the Rutgers admissions office before joining USA.

Anthony Della Costa, Regional Coordinator

Our Regional Coordinator is responsible for overseeing Residential Directors and their staffs and USA operated student boarding facilities. This individuas brings to their positions a variety of backgrounds, including a psychologist, a school principal and a business owner with in depth experience in residential student care.

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